‘Mind of 9’ with Khaitama (Every Tuesday, 3:00pm)

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Date & Time: Tuesday, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Courses: 1 of 6
Sessions per course: 4
Total Sessions: 24
Material Fee per course: Inclusive
Level: Basic

Registration is Open
For participants aged 6 years & above

*Please note the fee is for 1 course of 4 session.



About the workshop:

This course is for children between the ages of 6-12, who possess little to no prior knowledge/experience in art and creativity. ‘Mind of 9’ aims to expose all students to a range of art media – for the purpose of helping them find a creative outlet for individualistic expression. An exhibition showcasing the students’ final artworks will be held upon every course completion at the end of the 6 months.

Students will dive into the theories and have first-hand experience in 9 different types of art media:

  1. Playnting
  2. Doodling
  3. Acrylic painting
  4. Color pencil
  5. Collage
  6. Acrylic pouring
  7. Oil pastel
  8. Paper craft sculpting
  9. Clay sculpting

Apart from learning the techniques, we want to show that expressing themselves with the tools provided is good for their wellbeing and self-understanding. It builds confidence and cultivates a sense of self within the kids.

An exhibition will be held upon completing the course where parents are highly-encouraged to attend and support their kids through learning the creative process behind each piece – along with the artworks of other students to foster better understanding and relations with each other.

Course Outline

  1. Playnting
    • Week 1: Intro to Playnting
    • Week 2: Playnting techniques
    • Week 3: Playnting games
    • Week 4: Playnting final piece
  2. Doodle
    • Week 1: Intro to Doodle
    • Week 2: Doodle techniques
    • Week 3: Doodling games
    • Week 4: Doodle final piece
  3. Colour Theory
    • Week 1: Acrylic paint
    • Week 2: Color pencil
    • Week 3: Collage (Color paper)
    • Week 4: Acrylic pouring for bear
  4. Oil Pastel
    • Week 1: Intro to Oil pastel
    • Week 2: Oil pastel techniques
    • Week 3: Oil pastel games
    • Week 4: Oil pastel final piece
  5. Decopatch & Nara clay
    • Week 1: Intro and techniques for Decopatch
    • Week 2: Decopatch final artwork
    • Week 3: Intro and techniques for Nara clay
    • Week 4: Nara clay final piece
  6. Free-for-all! (Pick your medium of choice)
    • Students are free to select any singular or combination of the courses taught to focus on and develop for the last 3 sessions/weeks. Purpose of this is to give creative agency to each student so they may pick the medium/media they feel best represents them; possibly resulting in ingenious mixed media works. The final lesson (lesson 24) will be a preparation for the exhibition.

About the Instructor:

In February 2016, Khaitama invented an art technique which he later coined ‘Playnting’; where one paints with drumsticks. This can either be done solely or in unison with orthodox painting tools.

Being a drummer himself, Khaitama can attest that drummers are in a world of their own when consumed by emotions as they perform a song. As such, he wanted to visualise the raw energy of a drummer and how their emotions are transferred via the drumsticks and onto the drums. The mix of music and visual arts in terms of drumming and painting allows Khaitama to seamlessly express how they feel, be it his own or of his subject, through the fluid yet aggressive, and at times subtle, motions of the drumsticks.

Playnting is also a performance art where one ‘Playnts’ (Playing and Painting) to songs, visualises the drum beats and creates a piece that is spontaneous and original. His technique is very versatile  — he can take his time to create an artwork, or speed paint it onstage as a performance art.

When viewers see his art, he wants them to feel the pure emotions that he has embedded within; to see Khaitama as how he truly is.

Ultimately with his artistic journey, Khaitama hopes:

To launch and spearhead a new art movement of multi-sensory engagement that is holistic and humane — for the purpose of each individual to better understand and empower themselves, as well as others. Playnting is an introspective and communal language which is therapeutic and lots of fun!

*Important Notes:

– In line with the PDPA regulations, during the lesson, TASA Gallery will be taking photographs and recording video of the workshop. By registering this workshop, participants are deemed to have given consent to be photographed, videoed or recorded in these medium as may be necessary for purposes such as publicity, illustration, advertising and web consent.

Venue: TASA GALLERY ART STUDIO – Kong Beng Industrial Building @ 41 Jalan Pemimpim, #01-04 Singapore 577186


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